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Internet as Great Leveler

DavidGoliathUse of the Internet and social media to drive awareness of your non-profit and its goals can enable your campaign results to outperform expectations as shown by results of a study recently published in “Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly”.

The Internet and social media campaigns measured in this study defied the conventional wisdom about the campaign value and power of indicators such as contribution efficiency and organization size.

My takeaway from this article, therefore, is that the Internet levels the playing field to a great extent.

While this should be obvious to those of us familiar with the power and reach of the Internet, it should be a wake-up call for those not.

A new or small non-profit can effectively use a well crafted message delivered via the Internet and redistributed via social media to gain attention and donations well out of proportion with its size.

We’ve seen several impromptu campaigns go viral on the Internet to great success.

Many of the viewers of these Internet messages may not be easily reached by other means.

Even if your target donor base is older, wealthy donors not tethered to their digital screens, these mature donors likely have staffs and advisers who monitor worthy causes online and would search the Internet to evaluate a potential cause.

We probably all know well regarded, well established non-profits that have stuck with traditional forms of solicitation such as snail mail.

While these means will likely continue to produce results, they should be supplemented by new digital methods.

Copy and paste this link to read the article on EurekAlerts: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-05/uab-isn052814.php.

Big Data to Smart Data

PuzzleImageBigDataFastCoMagFast Company’s Rae Ann Fera describes the techniques and anecdotes of Blue State Digital, the consulting firm which successfully used “big data” in both of Obama’s winning campaigns.

Blue State Digital’s approach may be useful in fundraising and overall advocacy.

Click here to go to the article at Fast Company.