Social Media – Not Just For Millennials

Any person reading this article likely uses and appreciates social media.

It may surprise you to learn that your donors increasingly also use and appreciate social media to keep informed of their charities.

In my business use of social media, I’ve seen a similar trend. My target client, a senior company executive, is increasingly monitoring social media or relying on it for research.

So if you think that only millennials get their information online, think again and revise your communication plans.

Donors’ increasing use of social media is one of the takeaways from The Burk Donor Survey for 2016 (Click here).

Mark Miller, social media commentator and former White House communications professional, posted an article drawing from the Burk Survey (Click here).

The data suggests that fundraisers should use occasional social media posts to convey a charity’s goals and fundraising needs and to show the link between donations and results.

Excerpts from the Miller article:

“If you think social media is just for young donors, consider that 68 percent of donors 65 and older follow at least one nonprofit on social media — that’s more than triple the figure of 21 percent just five years ago. As younger donors mature, we can expect those numbers to grow even more.”

The top four reasons donors said they follow nonprofits:

Get real-time information on current projects.

See how recent gifts are being used.

Get general background on the nonprofit.

View images that show the nonprofit’s work.

“Social media is a powerful and efficient channel to communicate impact and demonstrate need. Donors love to see success stories, and they need the organizations to connect their giving to those accomplishments.”

The Burk Survey generates over 28 thousand responses. These social media survey results were not skewed by a young respondent pool. 42% of respondents were over 65 years of age and 49% were between 35 and 64.

Time to re-evaluate our communications strategy.