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Fundraising Via Twitter

donate-here-buttonTwitter is now making it even easier to fundraise using its service.

Twitter has teamed with Square, Inc., the ubiquitous little plugin devices on cellphones and tablets, to make donating even easier.

Apparently politicians have quickly seized on this opportunity. The system makes it easy for politicians to report the donation to the Federal Election Commission.  Click here for the article on Yahoo.

Can non-profits also benefit from this new service?  Are there any reporting benefits available? I believe the answer is yes, non-profits can use this Twitter function too.

As I searched for answers, I found a useful article which reminded me that technology, even easy to use technology, is only one of the keys to using Twitter for successful fundraising. Click here for the article, “Twitter and Fundraising


Attacking Donor Advised Funds

MoneyLockedUpPerhaps it’s a sign of the success of donor advised funds that they’re getting more negative press.

A commentary in the “New York Times” by an author for “ProPublica” took sharp aim at the rapid growth of donor advised funds portraying this as a harmful development.

As described in the preceding post on this site (click here), donor advised funds permit a donor to take a deduction for tax purposes when money is put into the fund even if the money never makes it to a charity.

The commentary suggests that donors and large money managers, who manage the funds, may have little incentive for the money to get to charities once the tax deduction has been obtained.  The money may simply accumulate.

This reminds me of the historical criticism of wealthy families creating their own charities to obtain tax deductions without immediate use of the funds in some charitable endeavor.

In either the donor advised fund or wealthy family charity situation, the donations are irrevocable.

A charity seeking capital should identify and pursue these pools of money to learn just what would elicit a donation.

I conclude that  it’s better to have the funds in these irrevocable pools than to have lost the money to some other form of deduction.

To read the commentary from “ProPublica”, click here.


Youtube Perks for Non-profits




Youtube offers extra benefits for non-profit organizations.

ReelSEO explains the benefits and how your organization can access them.

Benefits include:

1. Call-to-action overlays on videos

2. Donation button via Google Wallet

3. Grants from Google/Youtube.

4. Extra support and advice

These features are available to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profits.

Click here to go to the article on ReelSEO.


Amazing Lemonade Stand Story

VivienneLemonadeStandVivienne Harr, a 10-year old girl in the SF Bay area, and her parents, made a lemonade stand to sell fair-trade organic lemonade to raise money to stop child slavery.

That project took off thanks to Vivienne’s precocious personality and her father’s social media skills.

That led to development of an app to rapidly enable anyone to establish a fundraising tool for the charity of their choice.

Currently still in beta, the app is taking requests for invitations.  Sign up at

Read the whole amazing story on The New York Times “Dealbook” (Click Here)

Watch a charming video and read what “Make A Stand” is about (Click Here).