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Technology Tools for Causes – Webinar

RightToolBoxCalled “Civic Tech” by the webinar’s sponsor, Royce Law Firm ( information technology has proven itself a very powerful tool to change perceptions and mobilize followers for political and social causes.

Used highly successfully in the last presidential election as described in a prior article (click here), data mining and internet marketing has proved its value.

I attended this webinar and learned about several useful online tools.  The archived event is available on Youtube by clicking here.  The slides are also available by clicking here.

Fast Company magazine also ran a story about how the two main US political parties are preparing for battle in 2016 with major technology projects.  To read the Fast Company article, click here.

Big Data to Smart Data

PuzzleImageBigDataFastCoMagFast Company’s Rae Ann Fera describes the techniques and anecdotes of Blue State Digital, the consulting firm which successfully used “big data” in both of Obama’s winning campaigns.

Blue State Digital’s approach may be useful in fundraising and overall advocacy.

Click here to go to the article at Fast Company.

Nonprofit Data Nerd

DataNerdTShirtI’m not really fixated on data but simply have found several good articles to pass along.

In the attached link, Ann Emery guest posts on “Beth’s Blog” (Beth Kanter).  The article includes valuable links to training materials to explain techniques to use excel more effectively.

Click the image to read the article or paste the link below.

Ann Emery’s own site is: